Monterey Secondary College Mini Farm Project

In early 2018 Frankston North Rotary, together with Monterey Secondary College and their Interact Club Monteract, created a Mini Farm Project. The aim of the project is to have students involved in the management of the mini farm so that they gain new skills. This will mean taking care of the chooks and any other animals, growing vegetables, and generally developing the farm. There are plans for some sheep or goats, and as well the local apiarist club wants to install several beehives.

The project is being undertake in the school grounds within a fenced off area where there was a previous mini farm. The area includes a shed for housing equipment, four raised vegetable gardens (originally installed by Frankston North Rotary) and a small orchard.
The project is mainly funded by Monterey Secondary College, with Frankston North Rotary, assisted by some students, supplying the labour at regular working bees.

TreesWork has involved clearing out the current shed; trimming and removing trees and branches as required; re-developing the vegetable garden beds and fencing around the vegetable garden; installing a chicken shed and run, including the delivery of water pipe to the shed; and pruning the fruit trees. Monteract students and VCAL students have been involved where possible. The aim is to have the chook shed functional and some vegetables growing by end of this year