Exchange Students

International Exchange Students

The following information on student names and dates was obtained from existing Club records.

Legend to schools

JPC John Paul College FHS Frankston High School
KSC Karingal Secondary College LSC Langwarrin Secondary College
KPSC Karingal Park Secondary College TC Toorak College
Mt E SC Mount Eliza Secondary College St Bedes St Bedes College
PS Peninsula School

Outgoing Exchange Students

Year Name To School
1982 WILLIAMS, Jackie
1983 WESTWOOD, Pam Finland
1984 PRYDE, Kate South Africa
1985 WAUGH, Jillian Japan KSC
1986 CORCORAN, Elizabeth Japan FHS
1987 GILBERT, Stephen Japan JPC
1990 WOMERSLEY, Lisa Japan TC
1991 TUNKS, Mandy Germany Mt E
1992 BINYON, Patrick Canada
1993 JACK, Rachael USA JPC
1995 CRAVEN, Pam Sweden LSC
1997 WALKER, Michelle Belgium KSC
1998 DENNISON, Annabel Brazil TC
1999 BURROWS, Paul Japan St Be
2000 SPENCER, Lucy Germany TC
2001 JOHNS, Ruth Sweden PS
2002 JEACLE, Jessica Belgium FHS
2003 GILPIN, Felicity Belgium
2004 TUCKER, Jess Finland FHS
2005 ANGUS, Hayley France FHS
2007 TOBIN, Jordan Denmark
2009 KOIA, Madeleine Brazil FHS
2010 RICHARDS, Daniel Norway FHS
2011 MARLEY, Angus France FHS
2015 FERRARI-BROWN, Keehlan USA FHS Exchange was shared with Peninsula 2.0.

Incoming Exchange Students

Year Name From School
1975 WINN, Liz USA
1982 NAGASHIMA, Fasako Japan JPC
1983 KUROSAWA, Masae Japan FHS
1984 BOYD, Helen South Africa KSC
1985 BIE, Neils Denmark FSC
1987 KAMANAKA, Narumi Japan KSC
1989 HANKS, Tammy USA KSC
1990 MANSSON, Sofia Sweden FSC
1991 RABEY, Kate Zimbabwe LSC
1992 LISCIOTTO, Breno Flore Brazil KSC Returned home to Brazil after 6 weeks
1993 TAMAMORI, Shuichi Japan FHS Exchange was shared with Frankston Rotary Club.
1994 MARTIN, Caroline Zimbabwe FHS
1995 KAWAUCHI, Hiro Japan FHS
1996 STEINTHORSSON, Ulfa Iceland FHS
1999 GONZALES, Susan Brazil KPSC
2000 WHITEHEAD, Wendy Zimbabwe FHS
2001 JAU, Silvia Brazil FHS
2002 HALLEAUX, Marie Belgium FHS
2003 LINDFORS, Essi Finland FHS
2004 FOKDAL, Agnete Denmark FHS
2006 TAMURA, Shiori Japen FHS
2008 MALMSTROM, Emma Sweden FHS
2010 NOMURA, Sakiko Japan FHS
2015 TAPIOKA, Carolina Brazil FHS  Exchange was shared with Peninsula 2.0.

New Zealand Twin Exchange Program

Information obtained from available Club records. There is evidence that this exchange program commenced in the first year of the club and was continued successfully for many years. Unfortunately names can only be located from 1978/79 onwards.

Outgoing to New Zealand

Year Name
1978/79 WOODWARD, Wendy
1978/79 WINDLE, Lori
1978/79 CARTER, Steven
1978/79 HILL, John
1981/82 WILLIAMS, Helen
1981/82 HEDGECOCK, Marion
1982/83 WARING, Karen
1983/84 SAXE, Melinda
1984/85 BALL, Alison
1985/86 CALVERT, Cindy
1985/86 SPRING, Peta
1986/87 GODSMAN, Kristen
1986/87 GODSMAN, Nicole
1987/88 LOUDEN, Kelly
1989/90 LOUDEN, Hayley
1989/90 GARDNER, Scott
1992/93 GARDNER, Rebecca
1992/93 GRAINGER, Mellisa Selected to go to NZ in 1992/93 but could not be matched. Therefore unable to participate in exchange which was a great disappointment.
1995/96 BRABHAM, Amanda

Incoming from New Zealand

Year Name
1978/79 ADAMS, Michelle
1978/79 CRYER, Suzanne
1978/79 FRANKS, Laurance
1978/79 WILSON, Bruce
1981/82 FINLAYSON, Julie Anne
1981/82 DAVIES, Kim
1982/83 BICKNELL, Sarah
1983/84 SHAW, Caroline
1984/85 WATSON, Carolyn
1985/86 ANSON, Sharleen
1985/86 NEALE, Angella
1987/88 GORTON, Leilani
1986/87 GREER, Lorraine
1986/87 SHARP, Sally
1989/90 SHEPPERD, Jo
1989/90 MACK, Stephen
1992/93 MCCABE, Jodie
1995/96 BONHAM, Emily