Abbeyfield House Frankston

Abbeyfield Australia is a national not-for-profit community housing provider that represents 26 independent Abbeyfield Societies in towns and suburbs across Australia. Abbeyfield House Frankston opened in 1991, offering disadvantaged elderly people a safe place to live. Residents who have a limited income can feel safe in a familiar environment with access to companionship and support. The house, a purpose built two-storey residence on land provided by local government, operates on the sole income from the residents who are in receipt of a full government pension.

The success of the Abbeyfield Frankston relies on the good will, expertise and effort of a locally based volunteer Committee of Management. Input from these volunteers has ensured the concept is cost effective and sensitive to day-to-day management. Emphasis is also placed on forming partnerships with other volunteers and resources to help with the work, and a long-standing relationship has been developed with Frankston North Rotary.

Abbeyfield rooms


In recent years, it became evident that the house was in need of some major maintenance that would absorb a substantial amount of its financial resources to pay for the labour and cost of materials. This is where Frankston North Rotary was able to help. Members have performed a number of voluntary labour activities that have greatly helped Abbeyfield. In 2017 the club was successful in a District grant application that provided substantial funds to undertake major maintenance to the internal and external fabric of the property.



With these funds, and the hands-on labour contribution from Rotarians, two residents’ rooms and bathrooms have been refurbished, balcony floors replaced, and the balcony at the top of the stairwell replaced. Next is the upgrade to the residents garden area.