Frankston Community Raffle 2016

One of Frankston North Rotary’s signature projects is the annual Community Raffle. The raffle has been running over 20 years and has returned more than $1.6 million to local community groups, schools and clubs. This year the raffle is bigger and better than ever. Tickets are $2.00 each, and for every ticket your local club, school or community groups sells, it gets to keep $1.50. How easy is that! Frankston North Rotary organises the prizes, permits, prints the tickets and oversee the running of the raffle.

Your local club, school or community group can raise funds simply by participating in the raffle. All you need to do is to sell as many tickets as you choose, and you receive the major part of the proceeds from your tickets for fund raising – normally $1.50 for each $2.00 raffle ticket sold. Tickets are on sale now and all books and money should be returned by Wednesday 18 May 2016. The raffle is supported by the Frankston City Council and will be drawn on Wednesday 8 June 2016.

If your local club, school or community group would like to take part, please contact Frankston North Rotary. Otherwise look out for the above ticket and make sure that you participate in raising money for this worthy cause.

Web: www.rotaryfrankston


Or visit Frankston North Rotary on Facebook.