Frankston Community Raffle

Community Raffle Draw

Community Raffle Draw

Local clubs, schools and other community groups can raise funds by participating in one of our signature projects – the Frankston North Rotary Community Raffle.

We organise the prizes, permits, print the tickets, and oversee the running of the raffle. All participating groups need to do is sell as many tickets as they choose, and receive the net proceeds – normally $1.50 for each $2.00 raffle ticket sold.

Over the last 25 years, over $1.6 million has been raised to assist over 100 clubs, schools and groups throughout our local community. The raffle is supported by the Frankston City Council.

Computers for Communities

Computers for Communities Program

This project was initiated as a MG for the Philippines in partnership with the RC of Dau, Angeles, Philippines intended to be submitted to RI in Rotary year 2012/2013 but due to the condition that:

MG Ineligibility: Projects already undertaken and in progress, existing projects, activities primarily sponsored by a non-Rotary organization, or projects already completed (MG Instructions p.2).

The Frankston North Rotary Board decided to fund the project from Club funds. Also recipients of the technology are the Community Groups listed below:

Frankston Community Groups:

  1. Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre

    Project – Allocate 10 PCs to Mahogany Computer Room. Establish upgraded computer learning environment.  Allow reallocation of funds to upgrade software through the “donortec” program offered by Microsoft.

    Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre is now able to offer training in software up to current software release of Microsoft Operating System and desktop Office Professional to local community and interested groups.

  2. Community Support Frankston

    Vicki Martin

    Manager of Centre, Vicki Martin, sitting next to one of the eight workstations.

    Project – Allocate 8 PCs to Community Support Frankston. Establish upgraded computer back office – Marketing, Admin, Data Entry, Statistical Analysis, and Policy Development facilities.

    Community Support Frankston is now more effective in running their back office support functions and can more readily focus on the front office needs of the Frankston area. This not for profit community organisation provides assistance to those in need and depends for its success on the ongoing commitment of essentially voluntary staff who go through a thorough selection and training process. The staff focus is to provide assistance where required to the local community.

  3. Nairm Marr Djambana (Indigenous Gathering Place), Jubilee Park, Frankston

  4. Wallara at Frankston

  5. Wallara at Langwarrin

  6. Ebdel Community, Ebdel Hub, Frankston

  7. Family Life “Shine Program”

  8. Men’s Shed Frankston North

  9. Abbeyfield House, Frankston (completed)

  10. Frankston North Scouts

  11. Aldercourt Primary School

  12. Monterey Secondary College

  13. St. John Primary School

  14. Angeles City (Philippines)

  15. Youth Training College

President Wayne has strong relationships with both family and Rotary connections in the Phillipines and he was very keen to participate in this project for a community that will benefit greatly from the Corporate Benevolence of Interactive.

Eric Neill (Procurement), David Cahill (storage), John Tame, Con Demopoulos, Bob Edgar, Colin Price, Wayne Peterson, all deserve our thanks for making this project possible.

Global Grant in Tonga

Food Production and Landcare Global Grant in Tonga

Food Production and Landcare Global Grant In August 2013 Frankston North Rotary was contacted to provide $50,000 which was to be matched 4 for 1 by the New Zealand government to provide vegetable gardens and hen houses for 300 households in three villages in Tonga.

These villages are very poor and their vegetable gardens were rundown and in need of proper fencing to keep the roaming pigs from destroying what was there. 16 Rotary Clubs raised $19,000 and with the support of Rotary District 9820 and The Rotary Foundation (TRF), were able to apply for a Global Grant from TRF.

In April 2014 the project was commenced and the first 120 households have their new vegetable gardens and hen houses and they are now in a position to supply fresh vegetables, eggs and meat to their families. Any excess produce is sold in the local market which means they have a small income and their fresh food is provided at a significantly reduced cost giving them a better diet and leaving them with more disposable incomes.

It is anticipated that all 300 households will have their new vegetable gardens and hen houses within the next 12 months

International Women’s Day Breakfast

International Womens Day 2015On 4th March, 2015 Frankston North Rotary held its inaugural International Women’s Day Breakfast at the Mornington Racecourse. Weather-wise we had a lovely sunny morning and the outlook over the race track added to the festive atmosphere.

We had a mixed audience of men and women in varying age groups totalling approximately 340 attendees.

The caterers provided a lovely breakfast of cereal followed by Eggs Benedict and tea or coffee. Gift bags full of donations from local businesses were given to all the attendees and provided an opportunity for local businesses to promote their products.

International Women's Day Breakfast 2015 Sue Williams

Sue Williams

Also, it wouldn’t be right to run a Rotary function without fundraising of some sort, so there was a lucky draw prize for a gold coin donation. This was also another promotional opportunity for local businesses. The event was very well supported by businesses in our area and we certainly appreciated it.

Our two speakers were both women from the Health Profession who had powerful stories to tell.

The first speaker was Sue Williams CEO of Peninsula Health. Sue spoke on “Women In Business: Challenges & Solutions“.  Sue was very inspirational and showed how solutions to problems in one industry can be adapted to bring solutions to other industries. By taking a different approach, problems can be resolved. Sue also spoke about the imbalance of female representation on corporate boards across all industries in Australia.

The second speaker was just as inspirational but for different reasons. Dr Kavi Haji’s talk was titled “My Journey: Iraq to Australia“.  What a journey it was!

International Women's Day Breakfast 2015 Dr Kavi Haji

Dr Kavi Haji

Soon after graduating as a Doctor with her husband, their country was invaded and they found themselves in a situation where they were performing medical procedures in refugee camps, in horrific conditions, way beyond their training, with very little medical equipment and drugs. Finally they made it to Australia with their son but her story certainly brought home the emotional and physical price they paid to get to Australia where she is now practicing medicine at the Frankston Hospital.

The International Women’s Day Breakfast project was very well received by the community and there is a level of expectation that we will be doing it again. Apart from raising funds this was also a great opportunity to showcase Rotary to a varied group of people, mainly women with a mix of ages and professions. Some of the women were no longer in the workforce while others were just starting out, trying to manage the demands of family life and professional lives as well.

International Women's Day Breakfast 2015

International Women’s Day Breakfast

The International Women’s Day Breakfast project was a collaborative effort initially from women Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Frankston North, Peninsula 2.0, Frankston and Mt. Eliza.

The Committee was chaired very competently by Past President of Frankston North Rotary, Judi McKee. The Committee spent many hours getting everything in place and on the day extra help was provided by other Rotarians. When people work together for a common goal great things can be achieved and Rotary is a fine example of how powerful this philosophy is.