Rotarians are committed to assisting the needy in both our local community and on a global scale. Rotarians believe that by fostering relationships, providing education, and helping others to help themselves improves the lives of people around the world.

Who are Friends of Rotary?

Frankston North Rotary has created a group called the “Friends of Rotary” with the idea of fostering closer links with people who share our ideals and objectives but, for whatever reason, are unable to commit to full membership at Frankston North Rotary.

What we do

Friends of Rotary help with local fund raising and become involved with local and international community service events and projects. Friends of Rotary also join in Frankston North Rotary’s social events as well as events planned solely for Friends of Rotary. Rotarians call this Fellowship. It is a great opportunity to enjoy activities and each others company, catch up with old friends, make new ones.

Become a Friend of Rotary

If you would like to help your local Rotary but are unable, or do not wish to become a member, then you may like to become a Friend of Rotary.

Non-Rotarian members of the public can become Friends of Rotary. Friends of Rotary share in the work of Frankston North Rotary by helping those in need and supporting our local community.

Benefits of being a Friend of Rotary

  • learn more about Rotary and our members
  • participate in the life of Frankston North Rotary
  • participate in fundraising for local and international community projects
  • help out with local community projects and fundraising events
  • use your valuable skills and experience to assist our community
  • attend social events, make new friends in a safe and friendly environment
  • opportunities for you to make a difference by contributing your time to help
  • supporting the community and Rotary in areas of your interest even if your time is limited
  • having fun whilst making a difference and helping to raise money for good causes
  • no obligation to attend meetings or subscribe

It is hoped our Friends will welcome the opportunity to assist in Rotary activities and projects; such as being helpers at events and community activities?

As a Friend of Rotary you will be invited to attend some of Frankston North Rotary’s meetings when you will have an opportunity to meet members of Frankston North Rotary and meet your fellow Friends.

There will be no obligation to pay a membership fee; however we would always welcome and be grateful for charitable donations from our Friends.