Rotary Junior Community Awards 2016

The Rotary Junior Community Award program has now completed its 20th year. These awards, designed by late Rotarian, David Hawkey, in the Bairnsdale area, engage Grade 6 students in four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year: Community Service, Social Experience, Physical Recreation and Skill Development. The students, with the aid of parents and teachers, design a program they feel they can achieve and keep a diary of their progress. There are now over 15,000 diaries sent around Australia each year.

The success of the program is indicated by the variety of activities the students choose to complete their award and the confidence and effort they put in, together with the enthusiasm and diligence of the people who are involved as supervisors, instructors, assessors, mentors and supporters. At the end of each year, students are presented with a certificate at a ceremony organised by the sponsor Rotary Club together with family, friends and supporters.

On Monday 17 October 2016, the Mayor of Frankston, James Dooley, and the President of Frankston North Rotary, Eric Neill, presented the Rotary Junior Community Award certificates and badges to 25 Grade 6 students from Aldercourt Primary School who had completed the program in 2016. Congratulations to you all. A special thanks to teacher Kirren Whaiapu from Aldercourt Primary School and Kerry Gibson from the Frankston North Schools Consortia for their work to make the awards possible. Thanks also to Linda Tinney for coordinating and organising the awards.

International Women’s Day Breakfast 2016

On Wednesday 2 March 2016, the second International Women’s Day Breakfast was held at the Mornington Racecourse Gunnamatta Room, overlooking the specular racetrack. Weather-wise it was a beautiful sunny morning. The caterers provided a breakfast of yoghurt and Danish pastries followed by Eggs Benedict and tea or coffee. Gift bags of donations from local businesses were given to all the attendees. The project was a collaborative effort by Frankston North Rotary and the Frankston, Peninsula 2.0 and Mount Eliza Rotary clubs. The Committee, chaired by Past President of Frankston North Rotary, Judi McKee, spent many hours getting everything in place.

The theme for 2016 was Women of Change, and guest speakers were Kristy Kendall, the new Principal of Toorak College, Mount Eliza, and Moira Kelly AO, Australian humanitarian worker. The MC was Cara Litterick, a family lawyer with Roberts Beckwith Partners. Lynne Westland, District 9820 Governor Elect, gave the welcome speech.

The first speaker, Kristy Kendall, titled her presentation Being unapologetic about loving what you do. She outlined the challenges of being a working mother and of her promotion to Principal of Toorak College at the young age of 37 years. She spoke of other people’s perceptions of her work and family, of the need for women to support each other in the workforce and of how family support enabled her to further her career. Juggling the demands of work and family is always a challenge. Giving 100 per cent of her attention to her two small sons when she comes home from school is her priority. Her achievements have not been due to luck, but are the result of hard work, study and commitment.

International Women's Day Breakfast - Kirsty Kendall

Kirsty Kendall

The second speaker, Moira Kelly, titled her presentation Creating hope. Moira is a humanitarian worker and advocate for children living in poverty or in war zones. She is an inspirational Australian humanitarian. Her work has been recognised by several awards, including an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2001 and Victorian of the Year in 2003. She is an active campaigner for the rights of carers, refugees and displaced persons.

International Women's Day Breakfast - Moira Kelly

Moira Kelly

Moira’s presentation followed her extraordinary journey, first working with her idol Mother Theresa, then spending 10 years living abroad, caring for sick and needy children and their families in countries such as India, South Africa, America, Romania and Bosnia.

In recent times her base has been Melbourne. Her journey included adopting two young boys, Ahmed and Emmanuel, who she brought home from Iraq in 1998. They have overcome incredible disability and multiple surgeries to become wonderful, accomplished young men. She is guardian of the cranially conjoined twins from Bangladesh, Trishna and Krishna, separated in 2009 in a 32-hour operation at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. After many operations they are now happily settled into school in Melbourne. She spoke briefly of some of the other children she has helped, many with life-threatening conditions, and the children she now has living with her who have debilitating illnesses that require constant attention.

Moira’s son, Emmanuel, a 2011 contestant on The X Factor, also attended the breakfast and gave a wonderful rendition of the song Happy to be me.

The money raised from the breakfast will be allocated to humanitarian needs and local community projects.

Group Study Exchange to Turkey in 2015

Group Study Exchange (GSE) is a cultural and vocational exchange program run each year for professional business men and women, aged between 25 and 40 years, in the early stage of their professional lives. The Rotary Foundation provides travel grants for teams of participants for exchange visits in a different country. For 4 to 6 weeks, team members study the host country’s institutions and way of life, observe how their own vocations are practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas. Each exchange team is comprised of a Rotarian acting as the team leader and four specially selected team members.

In 2015, Eric Neill from Frankston North Rotary, lead a team of young professionals from District 9820 on a visit to their sister District 2430 in Central and Eastern Turkey. The team consisted of an Environmental Consultant, a Mechanical Engineer, a Small Business Retail Owner and Cooking School, and a District Burn Planner from East Gippsland.

GSE Turkey 2015 body

Eric Neill and the team members at Anzac Cove

The exchange in Turkey was during the Centennial celebrations of the Gallipoli campaign. In mid April 2015, the team arrived in Istanbul, touring many wonderful sites. From there the exchange commenced. The group travelled through Turkey by plane (covering around 1900 km with four internal flights), fast train (covering around 240 km), and public buses and private vehicles (covering almost 300 km).

The GSE team visited 14 cities, made presentations at 12 Rotary club and combined club meetings, and made many vocational visits in each city. In total the team was involved with 21 Rotary clubs and gave their final presentation at the D2430 District Conference.

There were some extraordinary vocational events and cultural days. The Turkish hospitality, generosity and friendliness was wonderful. The host family discussions on many topics were great, and their food was equally amazing and plentiful.

The exchange was a fulfilling and life changing experience for all those involved from both countries. For a very interesting detailed diary of these events and experiences, please download and read the attached document.

GSE 2015 Diary of events in Turkey

Garden Party

The second annual Frankston North Rotary and Peninsula Youth Music Society garden party was held at the Frankston South home of the Frankston North Rotary President Mark Sammut and his wife Jane Griffiths on 14 November 2015. This again was a wonderful day in a beautiful garden background. The Peninsula Youth Music Society students entertained the crowd with renditions from the classics to the Beatles. Refreshments included delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones with tea and coffee.

This is an important event for Frankston North Rotary as the money raised is for children who would not normally be able to afford to learn and develop their musical skills. If they have the talent and the will to learn, this will assist them to reach their potential and can be life changing.

A group of over 120 people attended and over $2000 was raised. A cheque for $2051 was presented to the Peninsula Youth Music Society at a summer concert. This money will go toward buying musical instruments for budding musicians who cannot afford to purchase their own instruments.

Garden party Helen Griffiths award

Jane Griffiths with Meevel Mathew and her family.

During the afternoon, one promising student, Meevel Mathew, was presented with the Helen Griffiths Music Award for 2015.

Monterey Secondary College Interact Club

On 25 November 2015, Frankston North Rotary chartered Monteract, the first Interact Club in Rotary District 9820. Frankston North Rotary and Monterey Secondary College met in early July 2015 to discuss the possibility of developing an Interact Club (Interact stands for international action and is a junior Rotary Club for 13 to 18 year old students). Presentations were then made by Frankston North Rotary to the key stakeholders at Monterey Secondary College, including the Student Council: it was important that students were included in all decisions and planning aspects. This resulted in Monteract (the Interact Club of Monterey Secondary College).

Monteract Charter night

District Governor Merv Williams presenting a student with her charter member certificate.

Frankston North Rotary then made an application to the Frankston Community Grants Program for financial assistance and received $500 from each of Councilor Spelman and Councilor Aitken’s discretionary funds to kick-start the club. A steering Committee was formed with the students from Monterey Secondary College and members of Frankston North Rotary and Peninsula Rotaract. Frankston North Rotary provided training for the students in all aspects of running a club, including project management, fundraising, financial control, communication and presentation skills. Members of Monteract ran information sessions to other year levels and conduct a monthly presentation at school assembly with the aim of securing members.

The group is amazing. The students are dynamic, resourceful and have a great understanding of community service and giving back to their local community. They have identified four projects that they wish to tackle in 2016:

  • establishing a graffiti wall to encourage street art;
  • removing graffiti from the toilet blocks;
  • raising money to help purchase school play equipment for Year 7 students;
  • developing a community farm on the school premises.

Monteract meets every Wednesday at 3:30 pm in meeting room B3. In the words of the students, ‘Everyone is welcome’.

Global grants in Tonga

In August 2013, Frankston North Rotary was contacted to help around 300 households in three villages in Tonga to become self-sufficient by growing local vegetables and raising poultry. These villages were very poor and their vegetable gardens were rundown and in need of proper fencing to keep the roaming pigs from destroying what little they attempted to grow. Some of the land also needed to be reclaimed and built up for successful production.

With the assistance of 16 Rotary Clubs, Frankston North Rotary raised $19,000 and, with the support of Rotary District 9820, were able to obtain a Global Grant of $50,000 from The Rotary Foundation. The New Zealand government had pledged to meet any money raised four to one. This gave a total of around $260,000 for the project.

The project commenced in April 2014, and the first 120 households now have new vegetable gardens and hen houses, which means that they have enough fresh vegetables, eggs and meat for their families. Any excess produce is sold in the local market. Thus these households have their own fresh food at a significantly reduced cost, providing them with a better diet, and also have a small income.

When this project is completed in the coming months, 300 households will have the benefit of new vegetable gardens and hen houses.

Rotary Junior Community Awards

Junior Community Awards_main

Students receiving their workbooks

Students from the Mahogany Rise and Aldercourt Primary Schools again participated in the Rotary Junior Community Awards program. This is the third year that Frankston North Rotary has facilitated the Awards and, judging by the enthusiastic response of these two schools, it is likely to grow as a Rotary project.

To achieve these awards, the children had to take part in community activities and attend a community function in the local area. With the help of their teachers and support from Frankston North Rotary, they were able to gain access to a number of community activities and greatly broaden their exposure to the community. And they had a lot of fun doing it.

Junior Community Awards. A student receiving his Junior Community Pin

A student receiving his Junior Community Pin

Frankston Community Raffle 2016

One of Frankston North Rotary’s signature projects is the annual Community Raffle. The raffle has been running over 20 years and has returned more than $1.6 million to local community groups, schools and clubs. This year the raffle is bigger and better than ever. Tickets are $2.00 each, and for every ticket your local club, school or community groups sells, it gets to keep $1.50. How easy is that! Frankston North Rotary organises the prizes, permits, prints the tickets and oversee the running of the raffle.

Your local club, school or community group can raise funds simply by participating in the raffle. All you need to do is to sell as many tickets as you choose, and you receive the major part of the proceeds from your tickets for fund raising – normally $1.50 for each $2.00 raffle ticket sold. Tickets are on sale now and all books and money should be returned by Wednesday 18 May 2016. The raffle is supported by the Frankston City Council and will be drawn on Wednesday 8 June 2016.

If your local club, school or community group would like to take part, please contact Frankston North Rotary. Otherwise look out for the above ticket and make sure that you participate in raising money for this worthy cause.

Web: www.rotaryfrankston


Or visit Frankston North Rotary on Facebook.

Rotary Junior Community Awards

Junior Community Awards

Junior Community Awards

On 11 November , The Mayor of Frankston City, Cr Darrel Taylor, presented Rotary Junior Community Award certificates to  24 students from Mahogany Rise and Aldercourt Primary School in the City of Frankston Council Chambers.

To achieve these awards, the children had to take part in community activities and attend community function in the local area.  With the help of their teachers and support of Frankston North Rotary, they were able to gain access to a number of community activities and greatly broaden their exposure to the community generally.  And they had a lot of fun doing it.

This is the second year that Frankston North Rotary has facilitated the Rotary Junior Community Awards project and, judging by the enthusiastic response of these 2 schools, it is likely to grow as a Rotary project.

Group Study Exchange (GSE) 2015

Group Study Exchange (GSE) with Rotary District 2430 in Turkey

2015 GSE Team from Turkey

2015 GSE Team from Turkey

This year we are privileged to be hosting the GSE team from Turkey. They are a team of 4 young professionals aged 25 to 40 with a variety of backgrounds lead by Past President Umit Aktug of the Rotary Club of Ankara Baskent. The team consists of a Hotel Banquette Sales Representative, a legal adviser for a construction company, an English Teacher at American Culture Language School and a resident doctor working in a Cardiothoracic section of a University Hospital.

The GSE Team from Turkey will be hosted by 8 Clubs around the District for a total of 4 weeks and Frankston North will be looking after them from 24 to 27 March. Apart from vocational visits for each of the Team Members, they will be doing a variety of things including meeting the Mayor of Frankston, visiting a wildlife sanctuary, touring the Mornington Peninsula, visiting a strawberry farm, having BBQs, eating at a winery and making a presentation at Frankston North’s weekly dinner on 25 March.

We wish them an enjoyable stay in our part of the District.

Our District 9820 GSE Team


2015 D9820 GSE Team

2015 D9820 GSE Team

2015 D9820 GSE Team

Follow the exploits of District 9820’s finest Group Study Exchange team yet!  The 2015 Group Study Exchange are travelling to Turkey this year.

Download the GSE Team Brochure to learn more.

You can keep up to date about their journey and experiences at  GSE Team on Facebook.  Share their Facebook page to help others follow them!