Donations in Kind

Donations In Kind is a major recycling operation run by volunteers who coordinate, assess and package materials to be sent free throughout the world to people in need. Thousands of voluntary hours are spent each year to run this operation. Donations in Kind is Rotary Australia’s largest ongoing project and the West Footscray Store is the largest in Victoria.

In July 2015, Roger Thorton from the Pakenham Rotary Club presented Frankston North Rotary with an in-depth insight into Donations in Kind. He explained what it takes to run such a project and the requirements of the club. Following this meeting, Frankston North Rotary adopted Donations in Kind as a project with Peninsula Health to provide obsolete surgical equipment, respirators, and such for third world countries.

Later in 2015, Frankston North Rotary began the stocktaking, cataloguing process to source a large amount of obsolete hospital equipment made available following the major renovation at the Frankston Hospital. Several truckloads have been collected and sent to the West Footscray Store. Recently, a large container of equipment was sent offshore to set up a hospital. Much of the equipment was sourced from Peninsula Health. The project will continue to provide opportunities to service poorly equipped third world countries.