Adopt a Park: Ballam Park

Frankston North Rotary has had a long association with Ballam Park, Frankston. In 1981, the club put aside money to build a rotunda (picnic shelter) in the park. Ballam Park provides a great day out for people of all ages, with two regional playground areas, barbecues in the large picnic areas, a walking track, public toilets, a tennis wall and a basketball ring.

Ongoing maintenance has included Frankston North Rotary’s work on the restoration and painting of the rotunda. The club, in conjunction with the Frankston City Council and the Department of Justice, undertook a program of Adopt a Park. This initially involved the removal of graffiti and the painting of the bollards. In 2013/14, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) student at McClelland Secondary College joined the club in this project as part of their community service.

The last Frankston North Rotary community event at Ballam Park was on 2 December 2015 to remove graffiti on the art wall near the barbeque shelter and to maintain the bollards. Club members got their hands dirty and undertook some physical work in the park. The Ballam Park Rotunda bears the Frankston North Rotary sign to acknowledge the erection of the shelter many years ago. The club takes pride in helping to keep it look clean and fresh.